Why we do it.

We understand that the in-office administration of infusion and injectable medications is a complex and economically risky endeavor. Our mission is to create a workflow tool and software platform that allows everyone from a single physician office to a large health system the ability to provide patient access to these infusion medications. We believe that every patient who needs an infusible or injectable medication should have access to a local and affordable infusion center.

Reece and Bryan, 2009 Reece and Bryan, 2009

Our Founders

Reece and Bryan have dedicated their careers to addressing and overcoming the unique challenges of this significant medication delivery model. Having owned and operated a multi-site provider based infusion center company, they have experienced firsthand the vital role infusion nurses and infusion centers play in patients’ lives. They believe in the infusion center as it provides the healthcare system with a win-win-win solution: the patient wins, the provider wins and the payer wins.

Great Companies have Amazing People.

Changing an entire industry is not easy. Take a moment to meet our talented and hardworking team of infusion industry experts, software developers, and client representatives that make it all happen.

Bryan Johnson

Co-Founder, CEO

Reece Norris

Co-Founder, COO

Josh Newman


Princeton King

VP of Sales

Cecile Franke

VP of Operations

Paige Bigley

Director of Product & Integrations

Kourtney Jackson

Director of Partnerships

Andrew Dennis

Client Success, Implementations

Evan Hebert

Client Success, Implementations &  Support

Kiana Dietz

Client Success, Support

MJ Ousey

Client Success, Support

Ashley Busnuk

Marketing & Events Lead

Julie Walker

Consultant & Sales Liaison

Dylan West

Account Executive

Steven Nice

Sales Development

Jared McBeath

Sales Development

Samantha Redfern

People Operations

Michael Crockett

Lead Developer

Josh Rice

Development Team

Angela Rodriguez

Development Team

Deborah Seow

Development Team

Dean Palm

Development Team

Jo Egner

Development Team

Jonathon Lopez

Development Team

Hiranmayee Buyyanapragada

Development Team

Enrique Urbina

Development Team

Our Partners

It is not wise to solve big problems alone. Our trusted partners are critical to our clients’ operational success. Take a look and tell them “WeInfuse sent me”.

The National Infusion Center Association’s (NICA) mission is to promote patient access for non-oncology physician-administered infusion and injectable delivery channel. NICA has been instrumental in a number of high profile patient access challenges in the past decade and continues to be the leading advocacy voice for patients who need biologic and specialty treatments.

WeInfuse is a sponsor for the NICA’s Annual Meeting. This meeting will bring together the nation’s leading voices and stakeholders to discuss the top issues facing infusion providers today. Learn more by clicking here: NICA Annual Meeting Website

RxTOOLKIT® provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to give every clinician the information and ability to safely prepare and administer any drug in their library! These tools establish standardization in practice and staff training in the preparation and administration of IV drug infusions and include user-friendly, drug specific monographs with detailed preparation and administration instructions, interactive reference, training, and support tools including RxQuickCALC™, RxCALC™, and RxDoseCHECK™.

WeInfuse is working with RxTOOLKIT to provide our clients with the latest medication information they need to prepare and administer today’s complex specialty therapies to patients.

Luma Health has partnered with WeInfuse to help our clients better engage with their patients through Luma’s innovative platform. The addition of patient engagement capabilities within our software will help infusion centers optimize operations and improve patient care.

WeInfuse has teamed up with Zebra Technologies to create a simple and automated solution for vial scanning and inventory management leveraging Zebra’s handheld barcode scanners and printers.

Eitan Medical is a global leader in advanced infusion therapy and drug delivery solutions across the care continuum — from the hospital to the home. Eitan develops innovative technologies for the benefit of their patients, as well as their partners, healthcare providers, caregivers, technicians, and pharmaceutical companies.

VirtueScript is a web-based, mobile-friendly application workflow management and logistics solution platform. VirtueScript excels in serving the highly-fragmented pharmacy market. VirtueScript strives to lower costs and improve the revenue cycle for pharmacies by improving staff efficiency, removing waste, and increasing patient satisfaction. The VirtueScript platform gives unparalleled visibility to pharmacy operations, which is essential in an environment of shrinking reimbursements, growing audit risk, and persistent demand for information from patients and caregivers.

Zyno Medical manufactures next-generation infusion pump technology and IV sets specifically for infusion providers. If your group is looking for a simple, reliable, and technologically savvy infusion pump company, Zyno is a solid choice.

WeInfuse is partnering with Zyno Medical to develop the next stage of our WeInfuse patient treatment platform that will incorporate the Zyno wireless pump technology into our WeInfuse treatment notes in real-time.

Henry Schein is the nations leading distributor of medical supplies and medications for the non-acute healthcare marketplace.

WeInfuse has partnered with Henry Schein to offer our clients access to Infusion Center medical supplies and medications to make certain clinical teams have everything they need to offer the highest quality care possible.

Pinnacle Revenue Management, Inc. is a privately owned company with over 20+ years of experience in full revenue cycle management, specializing in home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and infusion suites.

Change Healthcare’s APIs help consolidate and manage transactions with a plug-and-play format. These solutions streamline the intake process for eligibility and benefits verification, claims submission, processing, and payments.


Redox simplifies healthcare integration and facilitates sophisticated data exchange between organizations. Their interoperable network allows Digital Health Applications, Healthcare Organizations, HIEs, Lab Systems, Payors, Pharmaceutical Companies, Registries, and Technology Providers to seamlessly and securely share data.

WeInfuse partners with Redox to create seamless integrations with our clients who utilize WeInfuse along-side their existing practice EMR/EHR systems.

WeInfuse In the News

January 13th, 2022|

Published on PR Newswire| January 13, 2021 | Written by Ashley Busnuk AUSTIN/DALLAS- With a firm conviction that home infusion pharmacies are desperate for innovation and a modern software solution, WeInfuse will be launching its new home infusion pharmacy software workflow solution at this year’s National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) conference. WeInfuse has already [...]

July 28th, 2021|

Published on PR Newswire| July 28, 2021 | Written by Ashley Busnuk AUSTIN/DALLAS- Infusion software and consulting services company WeInfuse has launched the Distributor Connect Program, a unique offering for medication distributors who would like an opportunity to work more closely with their specialty infusion customers using WeInfuse. Through the Distributor Connect Program, WeInfuse [...]

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