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Bryan has dedicated his career to addressing and overcoming the unique challenges of this significant medication delivery model. Having owned and operated a multi-site provider-based infusion center company, he experienced firsthand the vital role infusion nurses and infusion centers play in patients’ lives. Bryan believes in the infusion center as it provides the healthcare system with a win-win-win solution: the patient wins, the provider wins and the payer wins.

We Need Non-Oncology Infusion Centers & Infusion Suites

You may find it surprising that there is a $100+ billion dollar healthcare delivery model that you have never heard of. That’s right, “Billion” with a “B”. Unless you or someone you know has a rare chronic disease, you likely have never heard of this amazing (and expensive) group of specialty biologic medications delivered [...]

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99% is Not Good Enough for In-Office Infusions & Injections

Are you confident that your infusion biller is 99% accurate in capturing the high-dollar medications documented by your infusion nurse? Are your infusion nurses 99% accurate in their treatment documentation? Is your inventory management 99% accurate? The problem is, 99% could be costing you up to 30-40% of your infusion profit every month. If you [...]

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Considerations for opening an in-office infusion center and infusion center best practices: Infusion center procedures, processes and pitfalls

Published in Becker's Hospital Review | August 18, 2017 | Written by Bryan Johnson and Judy Back, RN  If you’re a neurologist, you can’t ignore the question: should I open an Infusion Center? And, if you have an Infusion Center, you’re asking yourself: Am I running my Infusion Center optimally and according to best practices? With Tysabri already [...]

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The Modern Infusion Nurse

The recipe for making a great nurse has always been knowledge combined with continued experience and a desire to never stop learning. For the modern infusion nurse, the ingredients for this recipe calls for a triple portion of knowledge and a heavy measure of flexibility. Infusion nursing has become a very specialized field in the [...]

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Take the Confusion Out of Infusion Orders

As nurses, we want it to be correct! It must be clear, concise, comprehensive and complete. There are many new innovative technologies that have evolved over the years to improve both the accuracy and ease of prescribing medications. Electronic scripts, E-Prescribing, EMR's and pharmacy automation systems have greatly improved a medical provider's ability to prescribe [...]

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Infusion Medication Monitoring Considerations

I have visited many practices and Infusion Centers that have gone to great lengths to protect their facilities from would be intruders - installing special locks, key fobs, and various alarm and surveillance equipment. While it is important to physically secure items in your facilities, theft of property is not what should keep most of [...]

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New Austin startup’s software helps medical clinics save money — and avoid costly billing errors

The startup emerged from stealth mode earlier this year and already counts a couple of clinics around the country as clients. With financial backing from prominent names in the Austin tech scene, WeInfuse's founders say their software can make life-saving therapies available to all sizes of medical clinics. Read the ABJ article here: Austin Business [...]

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Healthcare Entrepreneurs Launch WeInfuse, Set Sights on Improving Access to and Delivery of Complex Biologic Medications in Office Settings

AUSTIN, Texas, March 8, 2017, /PRNewswire/ -- For persons living with multiple sclerosis, Crohn's Disease, rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus, easy access to their life-changing medications and treatments is critical to their quality of life. To help specialty physicians and independent Infusion Centers provide the best care to these patients, entrepreneurs and infusion center owners Reece [...]

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Considerations for Opening an In-Office Infusion Center

If you work in a physician-based practice and have been thinking about opening an in-office infusion center for your patients we wrote this post especially for you. Deciding to open an Infusion Center is not the same as deciding to offer vaccines, sonograms, or many other ancillary services. Infusion requires careful consideration and commitment, so [...]

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Is Your Infusion Center Leaking Cash?

In the past few months, I have asked practices and practice managers all over the country to do a simple test to see if their in-office Infusion Centers are leaking money. I ask them to secretly remove a single vial of expensive medication from their inventory and then see how long it takes someone on [...]

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