Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WeInfuse?

WeInfuse is a web-based application that streamlines all aspects of managing patient infusion and injectable treatments in your practice or free-standing Infusion Center.

What is an Infusion Center?

If you are not aware of that, you probably don’t need our product but please go over to for resources to answer that question.

Why WeInfuse? I already have an EMR?

Most EMR’s are designed to do a few things very well. In-office infusion is not one of them. (we know, we tried it) For most infusing practices, the Infusion Center is the largest Revenue and Expense line. We believe that anything that important deserves a system designed and purpose-built for that workflow.

Yes, we do infusions in our office - why do I need WeInfuse?

Our founders have over 15 years of experience operating Infusion Centers. They learned the hard way that managing infusion treatments through multiple systems and spreadsheets created opportunities for things to slip trough the cracks. When dealing with expensive specialty medications, there is little room for these costly errors.

Does WeInfuse integrate with my EMR?

Yes, we can integrate with most EMR’s and systems. The level of integration varies depending on the application. Some integration may require additional cost.

What about the installation - Do I need to buy any hardware?

WeInfuse is a web-based SaaS product, so you don’t need any additional technology to use it. If your office has a computer and internet access, chances are, you are ready for WeInfuse.

Does WeInfuse bill my claims?

No, not at this time. WeInfuse is designed to work with your office EMR. Claims submission, posting, and other transactional processing is still the job of your EMR.

How much does it cost?

WeInfuse is a subscription product. Our pricing is based on the number of completed treatment notes per month. You only pay for what you use. Pricing is tiered based on volume and ranges from $6-$10 per completed note.

How long does it take to setup? Train my staff?

Setup can be done in as little as 2 weeks and depends on your current infusion volume. We handle each setup personally with a very hands on approach to insure your success. WeInfuse was designed as simply as possible. If you look at our demo video here, you will see how clean and simple our interface is for your team. Because of this design, training is less than a few days for your entire team and most users will pick up the workflow on their own with little or no guidance.

What about support after the sale?

Our fees are based on completed treatment notes, therefore our success is tied to your success. We are your Infusion Center success partner and will provide all the support we can until we either need to eat or sleep. (whichever comes first and eating is sometimes optional)

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