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Welcome to IV Insights Infusion Center Blog – A collection of posts, features, and Infusion Center News from our founders, team, and guest writers from the industry. These posts serve to provide both insights and discussions around how we can all learn to Infuse Better for our Infusion Center profitability and our patients. Have an idea or suggestion you would like to see discussed in our Infusion Center Blog? Email us through our contact form and lets talk.

I have been in and around medical billing for over 15 years in various practices and ambulatory healthcare services, and I would never tell anyone that medical billing is a simple or logical process. However, with some practical study and a little experience, anyone can eventually learn the nuances of full-revenue cycle medical billing for most medical services.

Having said that, infusion billing continues to frustrate me even after many years of study and experience. I have personally overseen $100+ million of infusion and specialty injection claims, and still I have to be very careful to slow down when explaining the

As a common guy and macho father of 2 young boys, I tend to have an "instructions optional" attitude about putting together new kid toys and the boxed furniture my beautiful bride brings home from IKEA. One of the few times I actually did read the instructions, I ended up with extra parts in my hand and had to watch in horror as my hastily assembled TV stand came crashing down with the new 50" HD set on top. Fortunately for our clients and their patients, I have quite the opposite approach when it comes to infusion orders and our

Based on overwhelming feedback on our original Blog Post - Considerations for Opening an In-Office Infusion Center, we decided to reboot the original article and re-post it here with some minor edits. We are continuing to help new and existing Infusion Centers open and improve across the country. If you have ever considered opening or expanding your own in-office Infusion Center or Infusion Suite, take a moment to read below. 

If you are a physician-based practice and have been thinking about opening an in-office Infusion Center (aka Infusion Suite) for your patients, we wrote this post especially for you. Creating an

Its the most wonderful time of the year!   ...unless you are in charge of ordering infusion medication and medical supplies for your patients. 🙂

This is a courtesy reminder to all of our blog readers that normal expectations for medication and medical supply deliveries should be moderated to include delays caused by increased holiday shipping. For those offices who like to run their "just-in-time" inventory at one-day to same-day availability, we would advise them to consider increasing their days on hand of inventory an extra day or two in consideration of these expected delays.

Black Friday, Amazon, the start of winter weather

You may find it surprising that there is a $100+ billion dollar healthcare delivery model that you have never heard of. That’s right, “Billion” with a “B”. Unless you or someone you know has a rare chronic disease, you likely have never heard of this amazing (and expensive) group of specialty biologic medications delivered primarily by intravenous infusion or injection through non-oncology Infusion Centers and Infusion Suites.

Even if you have never heard the term: “autoimmune disease” (AD for short), you likely are familiar with Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriasis. It’s less likely you have heard of

Are you confident that your infusion biller is 99% accurate in capturing the high-dollar medications documented by your infusion nurse? Are your infusion nurses 99% accurate in their treatment documentation? Is your inventory management 99% accurate?
The problem is, 99% could be costing you up to 30-40% of your infusion profit every month. If you think that sounds dramatic, give me a few more minutes and I will prove it to you. I’ll also give you the tools to review this in your own practice.

Most offices would be proud of 99% accuracy, as they should be. In-office infusion management is no

The recipe for making a great nurse has always been knowledge combined with continued experience and a desire to never stop learning. For the modern infusion nurse, the ingredients for this recipe call for a triple portion of knowledge and a heavy measure of flexibility. Infusion nursing has become a very specialized field in the past decade as infusion patients and their new treatments are now more complex than ever before. In the past, infusion nurses found themselves in the field of infusion nursing mainly because they developed skill in placing an IV line. Today, the modern infusion nurse must

Flushing and locking vascular access devices (VADs) are 2 common procedures performed on patients receiving treatment in infusion centers. Flushing is the act of moving fluids, medications, blood, and blood components out of the VAD to ensure treatment delivery and assess for patency. Locking, on the other hand, is the instillation of a solution into a VAD to maintain patency during periods of nonuse. While the actual procedure is not complicated and is viewed as easy to do, performing the correct steps and the rationale for doing so may be overlooked.

Because of its invasive nature, infusion therapy is risky. VADs

At WeInfuse, we think the annual Magellan Trend Reports are manna from heaven. This year’s report is no different, and it’s full of gold nuggets that prove the physician / provider-based Infusion Center is the optimal site of care providing patients quality, convenient and cost-effective care. Whether you operate a stand -alone Infusion Center or provide infusions as a part of your practice, the entire report is a MUST read.

How can you use this years report?

Use it when advocating for your Infusion Center and the delivery channel at large
Use it to negotiate with your payers for better rates

A few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of monitoring temperatures for infusion medications. I hate to propose problems without solutions so in this post we will be telling you about our experience with one of the best solutions we found to the temperature monitoring problem. In this post we will review the TempAlert wireless monitoring system. I ran across the TempAlert system about 6 months ago while doing some research for our IV Insights Blog post on managing and monitoring medication inventories. I spoke to a representative at TempAlert who was kind enough to send us a demo