Billing Charges from Clinical Documentation

WeInfuse automatically calculates and creates administration and billing charges from the clinical documentation and inventory selections on the patient’s appointment. Nurses don’t want to be billers so throw out the outdated superbill process and let your nurses be nurses. WeInfuse guides your billing process to make sure you are capturing all of the codes from each treatment.

Billing Dashboard Ensures Each and Every Appointment is Billed

We’ve created an easy to use Billing Dashboard that breaks down treatments by day, provides quick access to completed treatment notes, and allows your billing team to review the billing status of each appointment. Our Billing Dashboard is also color-coded to provide further clarity around the billing status of appointments on a given day.

Administration and Medication Coding

WeInfuse auto-generates procedure and medication billing codes based on inventory selections and administration times recorded by nurses in the treatment note. This includes high-level and low-level codes depending on your infusion operation’s billing settings which can be customized by payer.

Biller View to Update Billed Status and Add Notes

Billers can quickly access billing notes generated by WeInfuse to update the billing status, add notes, and review the number of treatments that have been completed and billed on a given day.

Integration – Send Billing Charges to Your EHR/EMR

Billing for infusions and injections can require extensive manual entry. WeInfuse can eliminate manual data entry for line-item billing by pushing billing charges to your existing EMR or Revenue Cycle System. WeInfuse is designed to complement, not replace, existing systems. WeInfuse partners with Redox to create seamless integrations with our clients who utilize WeInfuse along-side their existing practice EMR/EHR systems. 

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