Infusion Chair Scheduling

We created the first and best Chair-Based Infusion Schedule for your office-based infusion suite or stand-alone infusion center.

Automatic Eligibility Checking on Every Appointment – Every Day

Stop wasting your staff’s valuable time having them call or check on every single appointment on your schedule. With our WeInfuse automatic eligibility checking, every appointment for today, tomorrow, and 5 days out will have an automated eligibility check every day. If the insurance is Termed, the appointment will automatically be placed on Hold.

Keep Patient Appointments On Track

Specialty treatments require special scheduling. WeInfuse manages your patient treatment frequencies from the provider order to make certain that their appointments are on point. Dates prior to the Target Date are screened to prevent accidental scheduling prior to the correct date.

Optimize your Infusion Chairs

WeInfuse automatically re-sorts your appointments so that each chair is fully utilized. No more searching around for empty time slots. Appointments can be set with minimum spacing to keep from overwhelming your nursing team.

Stop Overbooking your Chairs

Scheduling can be difficult for your non-clinical team members. Scheduling an Ocrevus or Rituxan treatment that is 6 hours long at 2:00 pm is a big problem if the office closes at 5:00 pm. 🙂   WeInfuse guides the user so they won’t overbook available hours or schedule more appointments than you have chairs for.

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