WeInfuse Partners

At WeInfuse, we believe in doing what we do best and working with partners who believe the same. We are constantly looking to partner with industry leading companies who are the best in their field, have a passion for healthcare and technology, and believe in our mission. Below are some of the companies and products we have partnered with to bring our customers the best in class Infusion Center experience for their teams and the patients they serve.

Eligible is the leading provider of payments infrastructure for healthcare, connecting providers to over 1,000 payers across the United States. As the creator of the first publicly-accessible healthcare API, the company has enabled its customers to be on the forefront of medical eligibility, cost estimates and pricing transparency.

WeInfuse utilizes the Eligible API to keep our clients up to date on patient eligibility across all parts of the infusion workflow.

Redox simplifies healthcare integration and facilitates sophisticated data exchange between organizations. Their interoperable network allows Digital Health Applications, Healthcare Organizations, HIEs, Lab Systems, Payors, Pharmaceutical Companies, Registries, and Technology Providers to seamlessly and securely share data.

WeInfuse partners with Redox to create seamless integrations with our clients who utilize WeInfuse along-side their existing practice EMR/EHR systems.

Kareo’s mission is to “Free doctors’ hands for the important work of patient care” and we could not agree more. Kareo is a proven platform trusted by more than 40,000 providers.

WeInfuse partners with Kareo to provide our stand-alone Infusion Center customers a more complete Infusion Center solution. With WeInfuse+Kareo, patient information and treatment notes flow into automated billing process to remove the manual entry necessary to create and send claims.

Zyno Medical manufactures next generation infusion pump technology and IV sets specifically for infusion providers. If your group is looking for a simple, reliable, and technologically savvy infusion pump company, Zyno is a solid choice.

WeInfuse is partnering with Zyno Medical to develop the next stage of our WeInfuse patient treatment platform that will incorporate the Zyno wireless pump technology into our WeInfuse treatments notes in real time.

TANYR Healthcare Solutions provides revenue cycle solutions including intake, billing, collection and cash application services as a supplement to existing staff or as a full outsourced solution. TANYR Consultants identify and deliver solutions to enhance and improve the performance of any healthcare business.

WeInfuse is working with TANYR to offer our customers a proven, experienced company dedicated to providing infusion suite reimbursement services.

Outcome Health’s technology platform brings actionable intelligence into healthcare decision making so that physicians, patients and brands can achieve the best outcome possible. Outcome health provides digital waiting room screens, patient wifi access, exam room tablets, digital wallboards, and infusion patient tablets all with information to empower the patient and the provider to make informed decisions about their healthcare options.

WeInfuse is working with Outcome Health to create an integrated infusion room experience to capture patient information in clinical and experience surveys via the infusion patient tablet.

TempAlert creates temperature monitoring products and applications to provide users real-time oversight of monitoring initiatives and visibility into their temperature controlled medications and environments. TempAlert’s wireless sensors offer the world’s only 100% wire-free installation with wireless screens for deployment in minutes.

WeInfuse is working with TempAlert to integrate their wireless temperature monitoring solution with our Inventory management module in order to allow real-time monitoring of important infusion center medications right from the WeInfuse inventory dashboard.

First Data Bank (FDB) provides actionable medication decision support and care guidance at the point of care and is the most widely used and relied upon drug knowledge base in the United States and Canada.

WeInfuse utilizes FDB to provide our clients with the most accurate and up to date medication data for use in clinical decision support, inventory management, and billing processes.

Aptible is a secure web and mobile application deployment platform built to support HIPAA compliance. With Aptible, organizations can maintain continuous
compliance while operating with the speed and agility that technology requires.

At WeInfuse, we take our customers security and privacy very seriously. WeInfuse partners with Aptible to provide the most secure platform possible to our customers and maintain the flexibility they need to access their patient data when and where they need to.