Meet the Team


Robert Norris, CWO and Co-Founder

Robert is the one who started it all. While working on a rental home, Rob’s arm was scratched by old carpet nail strips. Those scratches turned into a bad infection that landed Rob in the hospital on IV antibiotics. After many days of lying in the bed, only to watch the nurse come in each day to change out his IV bag, he began to wonder if there was a better way. A home health nurse who worked for Rob at the time convinced him there was and a company was born that has grown from a single infusion chair to a multi-location infusion center business administering close to 3,000 treatments monthly. As the Chief Wisdom Officer, Mr. Norris keeps the team grounded and focused, never letting us forget that there are thousands of lives on the other end of everything we create.

Bryan Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder

Bryan has been in, around, and all up in the Infusion Center industry since he first walked into Rob’s office over 14 years ago. Originally, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with healthcare but found that his nerd’s brain got quite the exercise from solving complex problems within the Infusion industry. Luckily for him, this new “Infusion Center” Model had plenty to keep him busy, which eventually led him to start his own Austin, TX based Infusion Center in 2003. Bryan took on the role of co-founder with Rob’s Infusion company, Innovative Infusions, LLC, that now operates 8 locations throughout the state of Texas. Not one to twiddle his thumbs idly, Bryan also stays busy as the co-founder and board president of the National Infusion Center Association (NICA).

Reece Norris, COO and Co-Founder

After graduating from UT Law in Austin, TX, Reece first began his career in law as a clerk for a federal judge in Dallas, TX. After working as an attorney in corporate law for Thompson & Knight, he decided to follow the family business of entrepreneurialism. Transitioning from law, he moved into the role of CEO at Innovative Infusions, helping to consolidate multiple Infusion Centers into one centralized operation. Working alongside Bryan and Rob, he helped create one of the most cutting-edge infusion delivery models in the country. Reece is passionate about creating solutions to relieve the complexity associated with managing an Infusion Center. Reece is the co-founder of the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) and currently serves as the Board Secretary and Treasurer.

Scott Hester, Director of Sales

Scott brings an extensive background in both healthcare and software sales to WeInfuse. In addition to many other successful sales roles, Scott served as the Vice President of Sales for Kinnser software from 2007-2015 and was instrumental in their exponential growth from startup to one of the largest home healthcare software platforms in the country. Using his wealth of growth and sales experience, Scott is guiding our sales team and strategy, and we are proud to have him on the team. Scott is the only native Californian on our team and has managed to find acceptance amongst the Texans since he now drives a pickup truck.

Josh Newman, CFO

Josh Newman joined WeInfuse as CFO in April, tasked with mastering all things finance and analytics. Josh brings 15+ years of client-side & consulting experience in finance and operations, having worked most recently for Deloitte Consulting. Josh focuses on our internal business analytics, financial reporting & forecasting and pretty much anything else the team throws at him. Along with his quantitative capabilities, we appreciate Josh’s creative eye, providing us with better insights via data visualization and other alternative avenues so we can stop looking at walls of data.


Alexander Clark, Lead Developer

Alexander was WeInfuse’s first technical hire, and will forever go down in our history as the person responsible for writing the first line of code for the software. As Lead Developer, Alexander has full-stack responsibility for every aspect of our application. You may call him, The One Who Codes. An incredibly talented designer, he is primarily responsible for enhancing the product in major ways that vastly improve our customers overall experience. (He is a really smart guy) Prior to joining the WeInfuse team, Alexander was a developer with Bypass Mobile and has a serious passion for the Ruby on Rails language; often found speaking on best practices for Ruby developers. Alexander currently does not own a single t-shirt and is by far the best-dressed member of our team.

Daniel Cox, Crazy Talented Developer

Daniel came to WeInfuse as our second development hire and was recruited to the team specifically for his expertise in inventory management software. Daniel’s experience prior to development was in customer support and implementation. The empathy derived from personalized contact with the customer is the driving force behind his passion for creating smart applications that work FOR the user to improve their lives. All business when it comes to programming and coffee, Daniel remains one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet, and we’re so grateful to have him on our team. It’s also imperative to mention that as Dog-Dad to our office Mascot, Eleanor, he reminds us to heed the ways of the Great Dane; Be Gentle, Yet Powerful.

Greatness Wanted Here – Our Next Development Team Member

We are looking for another development team member to join our growing family. If you want to sit in a dark corner and code alone, you need not apply. Our WeInfuse developers are required to learn as much about our product and client as our sales teams and customer success teams. You can’t solve complex problems unless you fully understand the client and their day to day struggles. Do you like what you just heard? Are you a crazy talented full-stack developer? Then please send your information to and let’s talk.


Dylan McCabe – Account Executive

Dylan McCabe is the tip of the WeInfuse spear and serves as our Account Executive. Dylan is passionate about helping providers solve problems, streamline processes, and serve their patients in the best way possible. Dylan utilizes skills honed in former roles as a VP of Franchise Sales and VP of Communications. He uses his experience and leadership to chart a bold new course for change across the Infusion Center landscape. Dylan resides in Richardson, Texas with his wife and two little girls and can bench press more than anyone else on our team.


Judy A. Back, RN BSN, Nurse Liaison & Infusion Guru

Mrs. Back co‐founded Innovative Infusions, LLC with Robert Norris in 2001. Mrs. Back served as Vice President of Clinical Operations until late 2008. Mrs. Back is a Registered Nurse with extensive infusion experience. With her experience in infusion therapy and management, she started Innovative’s first Infusion Center in spring of 2002. Following a very successful start to the business, she continued the endeavor to add infusions centers throughout the state of Texas. Mr. Norris and Mrs. Back grew the company from a small business into a leader of infusion therapy services throughout the entire state of Texas. Following her service with Innovative Infusions, Mrs. Back worked with BBraun Medical and Equashield, LLC as Nurse Educator. Judy received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington. Judy has a knack for always knowing someone that you know and could actually replace LinkedIn singlehandedly if we could wire into her fantastic mind.

Nicholas Luevano, Client Success Engineer

Nick is no stranger to client software success in a complex environment. Nick brings over 7 years of client support and implementation experience to the WeInfuse team. He spent most of those years in telematics with Telogis (a Verizon company) where he successfully walked clients through complex software & hardware implementations and helped guide them from startup to success. Nick is an essential part of our WeInfuse family and we know our clients will appreciate his steady and jovial charm as a trusted guide through the jungle of infusion confusion. Nick is also available to answer general home repair questions and talk about anything related to professional bowling.

Andrew Dennis, Client Success Engineer

It is no surprise that Andrew fits so well into our team of Client Success experts at WeInfuse. He has been helping users find success in software for over 8 years as a client technical and implementation support specialist on SaaS applications.  Andrew’s passion for the user experience is evident in his willingness to go out of his way for our clients until he is 100% sure any concerns are resolved. In addition to bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to our team, Andrew has seriously elevated our office beard game.