infusion software: Patient Management

Patient and Order Management

Infusion and injection patients are unique. Give them the special care they need with our infusion-specific patient and order management features.

infusion software: Patient Management

Easy Patient Management

WeInfuse makes it easy to create and manage patient profiles. Users can easily navigate between patient demographics, insurance information, orders, complete/upcoming/canceled appointments, allergies/medications, patient documents, and the patient log within each patient’s profile.

infusion software: Infusion & Injection specific-ejection entry

Infusion & Injection-Specific Order Entry

Our Order Intake feature provides users with the ability to upload or scan in a copy of patient orders. With this feature, users can view the order image during order entry making it easy to accurately transcribe important order details into WeInfuse.

ICD-10 Billable Filtering

ICD-10 Billable Filtering to Protect your Bottom Line

The Order Intake feature allows users to associate a primary ICD-10 diagnosis code with patients’ orders. The diagnosis field helps users avoid picking non-specific ICD-10 diagnosis codes that are not billable and are likely to get rejected in claim edits. For every ICD-10 code, we’ll flag any non-billable codes as ‘Not Billable’ to prevent future claim issues and help the user get the right ICD-10 codes every time. 

EHR and EMR integration

Integrated with your EHR/EMR

Many infusion centers operate within existing practices. WeInfuse is designed to complement, not replace, existing systems. WeInfuse partners with Redox to create seamless integrations with our clients who utilize WeInfuse along-side their existing practice EMR/EHR systems. Visit our partners page to see some of the EHR/EMRs we integrate with.

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