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Who we are

WeInfuse was founded by experienced Infusion Center operators who have spent the better part of 14 years learning how to start, manage, and improve this unique model of medication delivery.

We are passionate about creating a web-based application to simplify and reduce the incredible complexity involved with managing Infusion Centers. Our aim is to reduce confusion and decrease risk for Infusion Center managers while improving patient care.

There are currently thousands of Infusion Centers treating hundreds of thousands of patients a year with life-changing medications. The majority of these Infusion Centers are still documenting their treatments and managing their inventories on paper. It is time for a change.

75% of all new medication applications with the FDA are for Biological therapies. The majority of these biologics will have to be administered intravenously or by injection. The need for the Infusion Center has never been greater.

Our Features

Why it Works

Chair-Driven Scheduler

Chair-driven appointments give the user a quick view of the Infusion Center patient volume for the day. Simple, intuitive scheduling makes it easy to book appointments and handle re-schedules, cancellations, and no-shows.

Drug Specific Treatment Notes

Infusion Center drugs are different so Treatment Notes should be too. Drug-Specific Treatment Notes ensure that clinical documentation is accurate and specific to the complex protocols for specialty medications.

Electronic Insurance Verification

Stop calling insurance companies for every Infusion Center patient and every appointment to verify insurance eligibility. WeInfuse automatically checks every scheduled patient to be sure they have active insurance and their benefit information is up to date.

Inventory Management

Appointment-based ordering means staff won’t have patients in the chair without the medication they need. Order, check in, and manage Infusion Center medications with a system developed specifically for the Infusion Center model.

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR VIALS ARE? Always Know - with WeInfuse

Inventory Management

Don’t lose sleep and stress over your Infusion Center inventory. Let WeInfuse manage the complicated inventory process for you and your teams. Order, check in, and manage your Infusion Center inventory right from your screen. Simple in-out system keeps medications on-hand and accounted for.

Appointment-Based Ordering

You can stay ahead of your medication needs even with frequent changes in your patient appointments. Our Infusion Center Inventory Management will let you know when and how much you need to order to maintain your patient flow. Focus on your infusion patients and let WeInfuse manage the process of calculating the Infusion Center inventory needs.

Cost and Pricing Management

Infusion specialty medications have dynamic pricing. Stay ahead of the game by letting WeInfuse track your current and historical inventory costs and make sure you keep up with your high dollar Infusion Center inventory trends. Inventory costs are recorded at the time of check-in to help you manage your COGS.


Flexible reporting means you can stay ahead of your purchasing trends and keep up with medication rebate and volume purchasing requirements from your distributors and manufacturers. We know you want data and WeInfuse will help you view and track your most important Infusion Center data points.


…straight from the mouths of our customers to you.

“WeInfuse pulls it all together, the available inventory with the patient, so we have what they need when they come in. It’s helping us from missing preauthorization, which can be a very expensive mistake.”


Practice Administrator

“It is clear that WeInfuse’s founders truly understand the infusion business. Both have first-hand industry knowledge ….. They know how to help us prevent those errors. WeInfuse is the perfect solution.”



“…WeInfuse has turned out to be a phenomenal platform upon which to build our managed suite business. …its functionality has allowed us to ensure an efficient and scalable operation.”

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Home Infusion Pharmacy – President

“I am excited about the opportunity to utilize your extremely well designed product and learn from your beyond amazing staff!! You guys are a joy to work with..”


Director of Clinical Services

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