WeInfuse Career Opportunities

Great organizations are made of great people. We are looking for team members who will embrace our mission, vision, and values.  Team members must be passionately committed to our mission of providing the first and best solution for our industry and the patients that our application serves.

If our principles align with you, then consider joining our team. Any current openings are listed below, but we are always looking to speak with interested people who believe they can add value to our team and clients.

Please email us at employment@weinfuse.com.

Current Openings

Austin, TX


  • Communicate effectively and work well with others
  • Take pride in your work
  • Are curious and enjoy learning new things
  • Have experience building with Rails, AngularJS, or React


  • Are a small but established SaaS startup
  • Value work-life balance and developer happiness
  • Mostly adhere to Scrum
  • Write automated tests and use CI/CD

What You’d Be Working On

Our product is a SaaS workflow tool for infusion centers. We help our clients track a million tiny details like scheduling, inventory, insurance paperwork, and clinical documentation, among others. The bottom line is, the work we do helps keep patients safe and gives our clients confidence that they’ll get paid for the work they do. What we do matters, and that feels good.

Interesting problems abound working on an app that does so many things. You could find yourself tweaking an algorithm for choosing the best appointment time or building out a CRUD interface for a new resource. Or, you could be integrating with a third-party API for syncing patient information or interacting with an IoT device.

Our Stack

We use Ruby on Rails (5.0) for our backend, and are transitioning from AngularJS (1.5) to React (16) for our frontend. You’ll need at least one year of experience developing production application on one of these frameworks to be successful in this position. Experience with two or more would be a bonus. Other technologies we use are:

  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • json:api
  • Docker
  • Minitest
  • Karma & Jasmine

Our Process

We adhere to Scrum. We like the way we work, but we’re always looking to improve, so we start our week with a retrospective. Then, we plan out our week-long sprint, estimating how much work we can reasonably get done. Each day we check in with a standup to make sure we’re on the same page and no one is blocked. We write automated tests for our code on both the frontend and the backend, and we use CI/CD to keep things running smoothly.


Contact us at employment@weinfuse.com.