Our Features

Why it Works

Chair-Driven Scheduler

Chair-driven appointments give the user a quick view of the Infusion Center patient volume for the day. Simple, intuitive scheduling makes it easy to book appointments and handle re-schedules, cancellations, and no shows.

Drug Specific Treatment Notes

Infusion Center drugs are different so Treatment Notes should be too. Drug-Specific Treatment Notes ensure that documentation is accurate and specific to the complex protocols for the most common specialty medications.

Electronic Insurance Verification

Stop calling insurance companies for every Infusion Center patient and every appointment to verify insurance eligibility. WeInfuse automatically checks every patient on the schedule out to 7 days to be sure they have active insurance and benefit information is up to date.

Inventory Management

Appointment-based ordering means staff won’t have patients in the chair without the medication they need. Order, check-in, and manage Infusion Center medications with a system developed specifically for the Infusion Center model.