Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management

Patient Scheduling is the heartbeat of a busy infusion suite. WeInfuse created the industry’s first chair-based schedule that is purpose-built to help your team manage and optimize all of your patient appointments.

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Instead of tasking your Scheduling Team with tedious appointment reminder outreach, utilize our automated Appointment Reminders feature. WeInfuse Appointment Reminders are a customizable patient outreach tool providing one-way patient communication. Appointment Reminder scripts, delivery method and frequency can be customized to fit your practice and patient needs. 

Chair-Optimized Appointment Scheduling

We created the first and best chair-based infusion schedule that works to optimize your infusion chair utilization so that each chair’s maximum availability is preserved for additional appointments. The WeInfuse Scheduling tool prevents overbooking by considering chair availability, office hours, and treatment duration. You can also set up an appointment buffer which allows you set to a minimum spacing between appointments to avoid overwhelming your clinical team.

“Target Date” Scheduling

Our Scheduling tool automatically recommends a target date for patient appointments based on the frequency of their order and their last treatment date. Appointments that are scheduled even one day too early could be subject to claim rejections by insurance companies, so the Scheduling tool recommends dates within 5 days of the calculated target date.

Automatic Eligibility Checking

Stop wasting your staff’s valuable time by having them call to check the benefit and eligibility status of every single appointment on your schedule. With our WeInfuse automatic eligibility checking, every appointment for today, tomorrow, and 5 days out will have an automated eligibility check performed. If the insurance is termed, the appointment will automatically be placed on hold.

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