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Listen or subscribe to hear interviews from infusion suite and infusion center industry experts. Learn how some of the leading infusion practices and companies are innovating and thriving in today’s complex healthcare environment. Hear advice, tips, and tricks from experienced industry executives and practice managers who are working to provide patient access to this critical medication delivery model. Have an idea or suggestion for our podcast series? Email us through our contact form and let’s talk.

Episode 54: How to Leverage Technology for Patient Experience with Woody Baum of Local Infusion

Woody Baum, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Local Infusion, shares his infectious enthusiasm for making things better for patients, tips on recruiting and retaining an amazing team, and how they are using technology to [...]

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Episode 53: How to be Intentional about Regulatory Compliance with Shannon Wiley

Shannon Wiley, Attorney with Bass, Berry & Sims shares great information on being intentional about your business from a regulatory perspective. She covers billing, licensure, supervision, payor contracting, corporate structure, compliance, and mergers and acquisitions. [...]

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Episode 52: How Innovation and Technology Can Improve Care with Roger Massengale of Eitan Medical

Roger Massengale, Chief Commercial Officer of Eitan Medical, shares how innovation, technology, data, interoperability, connectivity, and embracing change can improve the caregiver and patient experience. [...]

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Episode 51: How to Use Technology to Improve Workflows and Patient Experience with Serrah Linares, Bryan Johnson, and Cecile Franke

Serrah Linares, Vice President of Partner Sales at Change Healthcare, Bryan Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeInfuse, and Cecile Franke, Vice President of Operations at WeInfuse explain how technology can improve workflows, [...]

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Episode 50: How to Support Caregivers and Create a Safe Environment for Medication Administration with Eric Cropp

Eric Cropp, RPh, shares his personal story with a medication error that forever changed his life, how he became a patient safety advocate, and ways we can make medication administration safer for patients and caregivers. [...]

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Episode 49: How to Select Distribution Partners and Negotiate Pricing with Woody Miller of AWP Consulting

David “Woody” Miller of AWP Consulting walks listeners through lessons learned in sourcing, group purchasing organizations, pricing, and manufacturer rebates for infusion centers.  Follow on Amazon [...]

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Episode 48: How to Prevent Medication Errors with Chris Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation

Christopher Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation shares the tragic story of an accidental medication error that took his daughter’s life. Then, he takes us on a journey of working passionately through advocacy to be [...]

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Episode 47: How to Create a Multidisciplinary Approach to Infusion with Great Processes and Communication with Sarah Feasel-Aklilu of Cardinal Health

Sarah Feasel-Aklilu, DCN, MEd, RD, CNSC, FAND is the National Sales Director – Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, and Multi-Specialty Infusion for Cardinal Health. She offers fantastic insight on a multidisciplinary approach and communication, as well as creating [...]

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Episode 46: How to Enhance Medication Safety for Patients and Caregivers

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh, Founder and Vice President of Pharmacy Education with RxToolKit, joins us to offer insight on creating systems to enhance the safe administration of medication for both patients and caregivers.  To learn more [...]

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Episode 45: How to Create a Frictionless Patient Experience and More with Chris Cook and Jay Patel of Ivira Health

Chris Cook, Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy and Jay Patel, Founder and CEO of Ivira Health share insights on patient experience, care coordination, revenue cycle management, working with payors, creating a company culture and contributing [...]

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