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Listen or subscribe to hear interviews from infusion suite and infusion center industry experts. Learn how some of the leading infusion practices and companies are innovating and thriving in today’s complex healthcare environment. Hear advice, tips, and tricks from experienced industry executives and practice managers who are working to provide patient access to this critical medication delivery model. Have an idea or suggestion for our podcast series? Email us through our contact form and let’s talk.

Episode 36: How Infusion Pumps Streamline Your Practice With Steve Watkins | EVP of Zyno

Steve Watkins, Executive VP of Zyno Solutions, joined us to discuss how you can make an educated decision on whether you should incorporate infusion pumps in your practice in order to reduce stress and [...]

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Episode 35: How to maximize your customer experience with Eric Besse | Besse Medical

Eric Besse, Vice President of Business Information Solutions at Besse Medical, joined us to dial into the power of relationships; whether it’s with a distributor, growing your team, or giving a unique experience to [...]

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Episode 34: How to diversify your infusion center offering with Mark & Rick, Co-Founders of InfuseAble Care

Mark Kharoufeh and Rick Yerondopoulos, co-founders of InfuseAble Care, joins us to discuss their journey to opening an infusion center. Listen in on how they’ve diversified their infusion center offering in the Phoenix Valley [...]

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Episode 32: How to Deploy an Infusion Center Social Media Strategy with Amanda Brummitt

Amanda Brummitt, founder of The Brummitt Group, joins us to discuss business development and online marketing strategies for infusion centers. To learn more about the Brummitt Group and the services they provide, visit www.thebrummittgroup.com. [...]

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Episode 31: How INS Equips Infusion Nurses and Patients with Mary Alexander, INS

Mary Alexander, CEO of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), joins us to discuss the fundamentals of infusion therapy, standards of care and how INS provides resources and support to nurses and clinicians in the [...]

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