Episode 52: How Innovation and Technology Can Improve Care with Roger Massengale of Eitan Medical

Roger Massengale, Chief Commercial Officer of Eitan Medical, shares how innovation, technology, data, interoperability, connectivity, and embracing change can improve the caregiver and patient experience. Follow on Amazon Music II Subscribe to Podbean II Subscribe to iTunes Guest Speaker: [...]

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Making Medication Administration Safer

Making Medication Administration Safer Eric Cropp, RPh, shares his personal story about a medication error that forever changed his life, how he became a patient safety advocate, and ways we can make medication administration safer for patients and caregivers. What Happened to Emily Jerry There were multiple red flags [...]

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Enhancing Medication Administration Safety – For Patients and Caregivers with RxToolKit

Enhancing Medication Safety - For Patients and Caregivers with RxToolKit Chuck DiTrapano, RxToolKit Founder & VP of Pharm Ed, joined us on the podcast to offer insight on creating systems to enhance medication safety for both patients and caregivers.  The Background of Chuck DiTrapano Before founding RxToolKit and dedicating his life [...]

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Episode 48: How to Prevent Medication Errors with Chris Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation

Christopher Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation shares the tragic story of an accidental medication error that took his daughter’s life. Then, he takes us on a journey of working passionately through advocacy to be part of the solution to preventable medical errors through modification of internal systems, processes, and protocols in medicine. Learn more [...]

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