Clinical Documentation

Infusion and Injection Clinical Documentation

Infusion therapy is complicated, but transcribing treatment notes shouldn’t be. Our clinical documentation tool is designed by and for nurses to be thorough, accurate and easy to use.

Infusion software: Clinical Documentation

Infusion Notes Designed by and for Infusion Nurses

WeInfuse Treatment Notes allow nurses and other clinical team members to document treatment details in real-time. WeInfuse Treatment Notes are intuitive and simple, removing the complex and costly training requirements for your clinical teams.

Infusion software: Medication-Specific and Customizable Documentation

Medication-Specific and Customizable Documentation

With customizable patient assessment and medication-specific questions, your team can design WeInfuse Treatment Notes that best fit your patients’ needs and your office’s needs. The assessment portion of Treatment Notes enables your clinical team to record and track patient arrival vitals, weight, allergies, medications, and treatment history, and includes a thorough and easy-to-use patient assessment section to help them determine a patient’s current medical condition and to rule out any issues that would prevent them from receiving treatment on a given day.

infusion software: inventory management

Inventory Calculation, Selection, and Reconciliation

WeInfuse Treatment Notes encourage clinical teams to select inventory that will expire first, adhering to the first-in-first-out (FIFO) methodology to help you avoid costly inventory mistakes. Our Treatment Notes will also recommend utilizing inventory that will minimize medication wastage. WeInfuse Treatment Notes document exactly what inventory was used, linking every single vial to a specific patient record.

infusion software: Infusion and Injection Administration Flowsheet

Infusion and Injection Administration Flowsheet

Keep your nursing team focused on your patients, not paperwork. WeInfuse makes it easy to document infusions, injections, and IV pushes in real-time without additional scanning or after-the-fact EMR data entry. Drug-specific Treatment Notes ensure that clinical documentation is accurate and specific to the complex protocols for biologic and specialty medications.

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