Patient and Margin Estimation

Patient Responsibility and Treatment Margin Estimator

Specialty medications and multi-day treatments can be expensive. WeInfuse helps prevent surprise billing for your patients and helps your team stay on top of treatment margins for each appointment. Stop updating spreadsheets and let WeInfuse automate your estimation workflows.

Patient and Margin Estimation

Patient Responsibility Estimator

Calculating a patient’s financial responsibility requires teams to pre-code the upcoming appointment, retrieve the patients’ current co-pay, co-insurance, remaining deductible, and remaining out-of-pocket amounts, and find the current insurance or Medicare allowable amounts for each code. All of these values are required before actually doing the math to determine the patient’s financial responsibility for a single treatment. Stop the madness and let our patient responsibility estimator automate these steps for you. WeInfuse estimates the patient’s responsibility at each appointment and creates a patient estimate document that can be printed or emailed to the patient for review. 

Patient and Margin Estimation

Treatment Margin Estimator

Determining a treatment’s margin (profit or loss) can be a complicated and time-consuming calculation. With so many of the values changing over time, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with each individual treatment margin. WeInfuse created a first-of-its-kind margin estimation tool that considers the current medication pricing and insurance allowable to calculate a margin estimate for each patient appointment.

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