Infusion Inventory Management

Infusion Inventory is the most valuable asset in your office. With WeInfuse Inventory Management, you can track every vial from vendor, to treatment, to claim.

Always Have the Medications Needed for Your Patient Appointments


WeInfuse uses a schedule-driven inventory system to calculate the exact inventory needed for each and every patient appointment based on the ordered dose, patient weight, and current inventory levels. Ditch the spreadsheet and come try the WeInfuse way.

Treatment Notes + Inventory = Reconciliation

Knowing your inventory counts is important, but you can only bill what you document or risk an auditor pulling back those dollars at a later date. WeInfuse Treatment Notes document exactly what inventory was used, linking every single vial to a specific patient record.

Weight-Based Dosage Adjustments Made Easy

Weight-based dosing can make inventory selections and adjustments challenging for nurses. With WeInfuse, dosing is calculated on each note, based on the patient’s current weight. The nurse has the option to adjust or round the dose to compensate for preparation limits of office rounding protocols.

Vial Selections are Calculated and Selected for the Nurse

WeInfuse automatically selects the vials for the correct qty, strength, lot, and expiration date based on the current office inventory. Proprietary algorithms ensure that expiring medications and vial lot rotations are managed correctly for your location.

Specialty Pharmacy Inventory is Inventory too!

At WeInfuse, we understand that Buy & Bill inventory is not the only inventory your teams are managing. WeInfuse has a complete Speciality Pharmacy and Manufacturer Free Drug management module that tracks patient-specific medications by the patient, and by the pharmacy.

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