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Listen or subscribe to hear interviews from infusion suite and infusion center industry experts. Learn how some of the leading infusion practices and companies are innovating and thriving in today’s complex healthcare environment. Hear advice, tips, and tricks from experienced industry executives and practice managers who are working to provide patient access to this critical medication delivery model. Have an idea or suggestion for our podcast series? Email us through our contact form and let’s talk.

Episode 34: How to diversify your infusion center offering with Mark & Rick, Co-Founders of InfuseAble Care

Mark Kharoufeh and Rick Yerondopoulos, Co-Founders of InfuseAble Care, joins us to discuss their journey to opening an infusion center. Listen in on how they’ve diversified their infusion center offering in the Phoenix Valley to [...]

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Episode 32: How to Deploy an Infusion Center Social Media Strategy with Amanda Brummitt

Amanda Brummitt, founder of The Brummitt Group, joins us to discuss business development and online marketing strategies for infusion centers. To learn more about the Brummitt Group and the services they provide, visit www.thebrummittgroup.com. [...]

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Episode 31: How INS Equips Infusion Nurses and Patients with Mary Alexander, INS

Mary Alexander, CEO of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), joins us to discuss the fundamentals of infusion therapy, standards of care and how INS provides resources and support to nurses and clinicians in the infusion [...]

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Episode 30: Position Your Infusion Practice for Scalability with Joshua Smith, Pure Infusion

Joshua Smith, Chief Revenue Officer of Pure Infusion, joins us to discuss valuation, business models and setting your infusion practice up for future scalability. For those looking to start or manage an infusion center, this [...]

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Episode 29: How to Create a Remarkable Company Culture with Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper, Founder and Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion, joins us to discuss creating and maintaining a great company culture. With over 25 years of experience in the infusion industry, Gary has a wealth of [...]

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Episode 28: How OI Infusion Launched and Scaled Their Infusion Center Management Company

Woody Baum, Founder and CEO of OI Infusion in New Hampshire, joins us to discuss how OI was built from the ground up. With a background in finance, Woody shares insights into the business aspects [...]

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Episode 27: How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges Facing Infusion Practices with Kaitey Morgan

Kaitey Morgan, Director of Quality & Standards for NICA, joins us to discuss insurance related challenges facing infusion centers and how to successfully navigate those issues. To learn more about NICA and their advocacy efforts, [...]

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Episode 26: How to Start, Build and Grow an Infusion Center with Sage Infusion

Matt Clements and Shayan Manzar of Sage Infusion in Tampa, FL join us to share how they they took their business idea and grew it into a successful infusion center. To learn more about Sage [...]

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Episode 25: How The Infusion Center is the Optimal Site of Care During COVID-19 with CIVIC Infusion Center

The Civic Infusion team joins us to discuss COVID-19 and how infusion centers are continuing to provide safe, affordable care during this health crisis.

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