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Episode 22: How clinical skills and operational know-how paved the way for national infusion standards

Kaitey Morgan, nurse and board member of the National Infusion Center Association, shares her career journey and her work in creating NICA's minimum standards of care. To learn more about NICA, visit www.infusioncenter.org.

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Episode 21: Starting an Infusion Center. An interview with Aaron and Callie from FlexCare Infusion Center.

Aaron Smith and Callie Turk, co-founders of FlexCare Infusion Center in Oklahoma City, OK, share their journey starting a stand-alone infusion center together. FlexCare opened its doors to patients in Oklahoma in June 2019. To learn more about FlexCare Infusion Center, visit www.flexcareinfusion.com.

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Episode 20: How Charlie Schadewald and his team at Wasatch Infusion are serving patients in Utah

Charlie Schadewald, CEO of Wasatch Infusion, shares his insight on the management of infusion centers. Wasatch Infusion is Utah's premier infusion center with two locations in Salt Lake City. To learn more about Wasatch Infusion, visit www.wasatchinfusion.com.

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Episode 19: Minimum Standards of Care and Patient Access. An Interview with Brian Nyquist, Executive Director of NICA

Brian Nyquist, executive director of NICA, shares his insights on the work NICA has done to increase access to care and create minimum standards of care for infusion centers. To learn more about NICA, visit www.infusioncenter.org.

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Episode 18: Interview with Marissa Shackleton, Executive Director of The Elliot Lewis Center

Marissa Shackleton, executive director of The Elliot Lewis Center, shares her insight on navigating the transition to a self-managed infusion center. To learn more about The Elliot Lewis Center, visit elliotlewisms.com.

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Episode 17: How an Alabama practice went from 0 to 500 infusions per month in just 18 months!

Joseph Williams, Practice Manager at Birmingham ID & Infusion, shares his experience as an infusion nurse and practice administrator. With 15 years of industry knowledge he brings a wealth of insight to the discussion. To learn more, visit www.bhminfusion.com.

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Episode 16: Learn to leverage Lean methodology in your infusion practice with Kari Kalgren of K2 Health Strategies

Many of us are familiar with Lean thinking. It started with the Toyota Production System and it has been used in countless industries to increase productivity. In this episode, Kari Kalgren of K2 Health provides tactical advice and stories that can help you leverage this powerful methodology in your infusion practice. To learn more, visit www.k2-health.com/

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Episode 15: Important tips for effective infusion center management with Sonia Alizzi, Corporate Nursing Director at Southside Specialty Pharmacy

Sonia Alizzi, Corporate Director of Nursing at Southside Specialty Pharmacy draws on her vast experience and shares important tips for effective infusion center management.

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Episode 14: How to master the benefits investigation process with Keny Urbina

In this episode, Dylan McCabe interview Keny Urbina, Infusion Specialist at Rheumatology Associates of North Jersey. Keny discuss the benefits investigation process and the many tips and tricks her team uses to increase efficiency [...]

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