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Episode 14: How to master the benefits investigation process with Keny Urbina

In this episode, Dylan McCabe interview Keny Urbina, Infusion Specialist at Rheumatology Associates of North Jersey. Keny discuss the benefits investigation process and the many tips and tricks her team uses to increase efficiency [...]

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Episode 13: Home infusion and the Infusion Center with Jenn Charron, VP of Clinical Services with NHIA

In this episode, Dylan McCabe and Reece Norris interview Jenn Charron, VP of Clinical Services with NHIA. We discuss the differences between the home infusion service model and the in-office and stand-alone Infusion Center [...]

By |October 24th, 2018|Categories: Podcast|

Episode 12: How to pick the right distributor with Jenny Dillingham from Metro Medical

In this episode, Dylan McCabe and Reece Norris interview Jenny Dillingham from Metro Medical. Jenny has extensive experience around the specialty biologic landscape and was kind enough to share her knowledge and advice with our podcast audience. [...]

By |October 8th, 2018|Categories: Podcast|

Episode 11: A behind the scenes look at infusion nursing with Amy Arredondo

In this episode, Dylan McCabe and Bryan Johnson interview Amy Arredondo, RN. Amy is a veteran of all 3 of the infusion sites of care. Amy has worked in home infusion, stand-alone infusion centers, [...]

By |October 3rd, 2018|Categories: Podcast|

Episode 009: How to take the confusion out of infusion billing with Stef and Angie

In this episode, Dylan McCabe and Reece Norris interview Stef Parks and Angie Baker from Xcenda. Angie and Stef spend their days at Xcenda helping physician offices navigate the challenges of specialty medication reimbursement and [...]

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Episode 008: How to navigate the ever changing landscape of Infusions with Kim Blasingame

In this episode, Dylan McCabe interviews Kim Blasingame about her extensive experience as a practice manager for a large multi-location Neurology office and infusion suite in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex. Kim shares how she navigated [...]

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Episode 007: How To Maximize Rheumatology Nurses Education with Kevin Lyons – Executive Director of RNS

In this episode, Dylan McCabe interviews Kevin Lyons and Amanda Mixon about the changing and growing role of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in Rheumatology. Listen for more about how Rheumatology and Rheumatology [...]

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Episode 006: How Iris Zink and her husband Chris radically changed the life of one patient! (Tear Jerker)

In this episode, Dylan Mccabe interviews Iris Zink and Chris Title of Lansing Rheumatology in Lansing, Michigan. Listen to hear Iris and Chris share their journey to a nurse practitioner office model and their [...]

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Episode 005: How to plan your exit strategy with Chip Bierbaum

In this episode, Dylan McCabe and Reece Norris interview Chip Bierbaum. Chip shares his advice for preparing a stand-alone infusion center for an eventual exit into the marketplace. Additionally, he shares insights into planning [...]

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