Mark Kharoufeh and Rick Yerondopoulos, Co-Founders of InfuseAble Care, joins us to discuss their journey to opening an infusion center. Listen in on how they’ve diversified their infusion center offering in the Phoenix Valley to accommodate all things infusion and injection. To learn more about InfuseAble Care and the services they provide, visit

WeInfuse podcast

Guest Speakers: Mark Kharoufeh, RN, BSN, MBA and Rick Yerondopoulos, PharmD co-founded InfuseAble Care after recognizing the common patient frustrations in hospital and traditional infusion settings. Prior to opening InfuseAble Care, Mark had an extensive background in pediatrics, specializing in oncology and neurology. Rick is a practiced pharmacist, with over 20 years of experience and a Doctorate from the University of Arizona.