With all the amazing technological advances in healthcare, many medications still require the one-on-one human touch of a skilled nurse to deliver them intravenously to patients. I have been blessed to spend my entire career among these healthcare heroes as they improve patient lives one infusion at a time. Having owned and operated a multi-site provider based Infusion Center company, I experienced firsthand the vital role Infusion nurses and Infusion Centers play in patients’ lives. I believe in the Infusion Center as it provides the healthcare system with a win-win-win solution: the patient wins, the provider wins and the payer wins.

At WeInfuse, we understand that the in-office administration of infusion and injectable medications is a complex and economically risky endeavor. Reece and I have dedicated our careers to addressing and overcoming the unique challenges of this significant medication delivery model.

Our mission was to create an Infusion Center application and workflow platform that allows even the smallest physician office the ability to provide patient access to these medications in their office setting. We believe that every patient who needs an infusible or injectable medication should have access to a local and affordable Infusion Center. All of our combined experience, solutions, and mistakes have been used to create a simple tool to remove the complexity and manage the risk of providing specialty and non-specialty medications in the in-office setting.

Our goal at WeInfuse is to be your Infusion Center platform providing you and your staff with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to create Infusion access for your own patients and others in your local community.

We love to talk about Infusion – it’s all we do – so give us a call and let’s start a conversation about how WeInfuse can help your office “Infuse Better” today!

Bryan Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder