Infusion Treatment Clinical Documentation

Nursing clinical documentation designed by nurses – for nurses. Real-time treatment documentation is here! Ditch the EMR templates and paper and come try the WeInfuse way.

Smiling Caucasian female nurse uses a smart phone while working in a doctor's office or hospital. She is also using a laptop. A nurse is working in the background.

Happy Nurses Make for Happy Patients


Nurses love treating patients. Keep your nursing team focused on your patients, not paperwork. WeInfuse makes it easy to document everything one time without additional scanning or after-the-fact EMR data entry.

two beautiful female healthcare workers using laptop

Encourage Teamwork for the Best Patient Care


WeInfuse Treatment Notes do not lock out to a single nurse. Multiple nurses or other clinical team members can document on the same patient at the same time. Stop passing sticky notes and start documenting what was done, when it was done in real-time.

Happy senior Caucasian doctor or nurse waves while video chatting with colleagues.

Infusion is Complicated, Treatment Notes Shouldn’t be.


Infusion Nurses already have to juggle many priorities and manage complex medications in a dynamic treatment environment. The last thing they need is a difficult and frustrating documentation process. WeInfuse Treatment Notes are intuitive and simple, removing the complex and costly training requirements for your clinical teams.

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