Read about WeInfuse and RxToolKit’s experiences at the 2024 National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) Conference, and see how our team brought the heat to Austin. A full recap is below!

Yeehaw, the 2024 Annual National Home Infusion Association Conference (NHIA 2024) in Austin, TX was one for the books! Thank you to everyone who helped make it memorable this year: conversations & party vibes & branded gear, oh my! Safe to say, this wasn’t our first rodeo.

Another year, another great opportunity to show how WeInfuse and RxToolKit’s solutions are taking the confusion out of infusion and promoting infusion safety by streamlining workflows around the country. Ready to read all about it? We have included a full recap of our time in Austin, TX (March 24-27). Enjoy!

Day 1: Experts in Infusion and Having a Real-Good Time

The Infusion Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) Hangout 

ITAC in Austin with WeInfuse members. Discuss home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and infusion trends.

After making our way to Texas’ Capital on Sunday (3/24) morning, the Infusion Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) met up in our Austin office to discuss the latest happenings within the infusion space. ITAC assembles leaders from the AIC, home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and healthcare technology sectors to support WeInfuse’s continued growth and expansion of its software solution.

Our ITAC crew has been working hard to analyze the WeInfuse Pharmacy Workflow to curate its features for optimal operation for home infusion & specialty pharmacies. The pharmacy module is also seamlessly integrated with WeInfuse’s in-office workflows to further streamline the documentation and administration of infusion & injection drugs for pharmacies with infusion suites.

The ITAC members in attendance included: WeInfuse CEO & Co-Founder Bryan Johnson; WeInfuse COO & Co-Founder Reece Norris; Curewell Capital Co-Founder Ceron Rhee; CPR+ Co-Founder Jeff Johnston; Fmr Option Care Health COO Harriet Booker; Coram CVS/specialty Infusion Services Fmr CFO & COO Rob Allen; Palmetto Infusion Dir. of Project Management & Outcomes Justin Card; and Cencora Senior Dir. of Infusion Strategy Justin Whitsett.

Additionally, thank you to our incredible WeInfuse members who carved out time to participate in the ITAC meeting: VP of Sales Princeton King; Consultant & Sales Liaison Julie Walker; and Dir. of Partnerships Kourtney (Jackson) Yankovich.

As WeInfuse continues to grow, we are so excited to see ITAC advance in the industry too! We are encouraged by every member who has joined along the way, the support gained through this process, and the relationships built. It’s onward and upward from here!

Ready, Set, Go – The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) Conference Weekend Has Begun

Later Sunday afternoon, our Sales Team made their way to NHIA’s Opening Reception in the Austin Convention Center to converse with fellow industry professionals and build connections throughout the exhibit hall.

Meet our WeInfuse and RxToolKit Sales Teams: COO Reece Norris; VP of Sales Princeton King; WeInfuse Account Executive Kelly Turner; WeInfuse Account Executive Dylan West; RxToolKit Account Executive Steven Nice; and RxToolKit Account Executive Jared McBeath.

Ending the Day in Style as We “Keep Infusion Simplified”– Queue the Party Vibes

WeInfuse + RxToolKit Welcome Party group photo

WeInfuse + RxToolKit Welcome Party in Austin, keep infusion simplified.

Who knew a welcome party could be so fun? We did, of course! Our team had a blast hosting everyone at our WeInfuse and RxToolKit NHIA Welcome Party at Moonshine Bar & Grill on Sunday night. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.

This event was filled with free food, drinks from our custom Monograph menu, photo opportunities, live music (ft. Matt Palmer from The Little Wedding Band), a YETI giveaway, and more! Catch some of the fun below:

Needless to say, we had a great time showing off our burnt orange, Austin-themed “Keep Infusion Simplified” shirts, bringing the heat, and sharing laughs with everyone at the party. Months of preparation led up to this moment, and it definitely did not disappoint. Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend!

Also, shout out to our YETI Backpack winner–Pavan Rambhatla, the Pharmacy Manager at WellSpan Infusion Services.

Day 2 and 3: Did Someone Say “Conference Makeover” for NHIA? WeInfuse at NHIA Conference 2024

NHIA Exhibit Hall Time, Oh How We Love You

Did you catch the WeInfuse and RxToolKit teams walking around in our new gear at the National Home Infusion Association Conference (NHIA 2024) on Monday and Tuesday? This year, we changed it up a bit and walked the conference carpet strutting our new WeInfuse bright blue & RxToolKit green t-shirts. We even “topped” it off by sporting our co-branded baseball caps!

It’s no secret how much we absolutely loved seeing our clients, friends, and partners around the exhibit hall, as well as making new relationships. We feel incredibly lucky to walk beside so many amazing professionals in our infusion journey.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the WeInfuse and RxToolKit booths to learn more about our solutions. Overall, we had an amazing time and we cannot wait for NHIA 2025 in Washington, D.C. See y’all next year!

See our full NHIA 2024 video recap here.

Find more home infusion and specialty pharmacy insights through RxToolKit’s NHIA blog, “Home Infusion Takeaways from the 2024 NHIA Conference.” In this blog, you will also find information regarding RxToolKit Founder Chuck DiTrapano, RPh and Eric Cropp’s NHIA educational session about medication errors and their effects on everyone involved.

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