By Reece Norris | April 5, 2022 | Press, WeInfuse News

AUSTIN, TX / DALLAS – Infusion software and consulting services company WeInfuse welcomes Cardinal Health to its Distributor Connect Program, a unique offering for medication distributors who would like an opportunity to work more closely with their specialty infusion customers using WeInfuse. Through the Distributor Connect Program, WeInfuse clients may order their medications from participating distributors, like Cardinal Health, directly within the WeInfuse software.

“At Cardinal Health, our focus is on delivering solutions that drive value and efficiency for our customers, so they can focus on patient care,” said Sarah Feasel, National Sales Director of Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and Multi-Specialty Infusion at Cardinal Health. “We are excited to be part of the Distributor Connect Program with WeInfuse because it is a convenient ordering option for our infusion center customers.”

Some of the target specialties include rheumatology, gastroenterology, neurology, allergy & immunology, and infectious disease. Participating distributors who join the program can offer their customers direct connectivity and services that improve the customer experience and create efficiencies for both parties.

“We’re excited to have Cardinal Health join our Distributor Connect Program. The mutual benefits for both WeInfuse clients and participating distributors are immense,” said Bryan Johnson, CEO of WeInfuse.

Key benefits included in the program are supply chain services, promotional recognition, and data services and reporting. Under supply chain services, distributors integrate with the WeInfuse software platform enabling customers to place medication orders directly from within the WeInfuse software platform and receive corresponding shipping notices and invoices through EDI or API services. With enhanced data services and reporting, connected customers and participating distributors will gain better access to supply chain reporting such as shipment status, current stock levels, and other inventory information. Lastly, participating distributors and WeInfuse will cross-promote the Program and the integration to their mutual prospective and current clients.

CIVIC has been a pilot client for the WeInfuse Distributor Connect Program, ordering medication from Cardinal Health. “The connectivity between Cardinal Health and WeInfuse has improved our medication ordering process. We were excited to be one of the first clients to implement this new feature and thankful Cardinal Health and WeInfuse continue to make investments in technology to help infusion providers like us,” said Debby Rowland of CIVIC.

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