Healthcare Op-ed: Infusion Site of Care Optimization

Site of Care (SOC) Optimization is one of the top proven strategies for reducing the cost of specialty biologic medications. A SOC optimization strategy encourages patients to move from higher-cost settings, like big hospitals and institutions, to lower-cost settings, such as physician’s in-office infusion suites or stand-alone Infusion Centers.

Magellan Rx Management Medical Pharmacy Trend Report 2018 Takeaways

At WeInfuse, we think the annual Magellan Trend Reports are our industry’s manna from heaven. This year’s 2018 report is no different, and it’s full of gold nuggets that prove the provider-based (e.g. physician, NP, and/or PA) Infusion Center is the optimal site of service providing patients quality, convenient and cost-effective care.

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