By WeInfuse | August 25, 2023 | Press, WeInfuse News – WeInfuse and NeuroNet Pro Team Up to Bring Innovative Infusion Workflow Solutions to Neurology Practices.

DALLAS, August 25, 2023 — WeInfuse, the premier software and technology platform for infusion therapy  and medication delivery in the U.S., and NeuroNet Pro, an organization dedicated to supporting the long-term success and advancement of neurology practices, have collaborated to bring innovative infusion  workflow solutions to neurology practices across the country.  

“At NeuroNet Pro, our mission is to grow a comprehensive outpatient experience to further develop  quality service and sustainable infusion practices,” said Texas Neurology CEO and NeuroNet Co-Founder David Evans. “Our partnership with WeInfuse provides neurology practices with best-in-class  technology for infusion therapy, empowering practices to improve efficiency and clinical outcomes.”  

Infusion medications in the neurology space on the market today include Ocrevus, Tysabri, Lemtrada,  Immunoglobulin (IG), Aduhelm, and Uplizna. With the recent launch of Leqembi to treat Alzheimer’s and  the rich pipeline of medications on the market, software solutions – such as WeInfuse – that empower  neurology practices to deliver efficient and quality infusion administration are mission critical.  

With this partnership, members of NeuroNet Pro will be introduced to the wide range of workflow  solutions within the WeInfuse software. By greatly enhancing the efficiency of practices that provide advanced infusion care, more time can be put toward what matters most – patients.  

“We’re excited about our partnership with NeuroNet Pro” said WeInfuse Co-Founder and CEO Bryan  Johnson. “Our goal at WeInfuse is to be the best software platform possible for infusion providers, and  this partnership advances that effort by increasing our software’s accessibility to neurology practices.”  

About NeuroNet Pro  

NeuroNet Pro’s mission is to develop and grow sustainable neurology practices. Founded by industry  leaders who bring their expertise and partnership to support the organization’s members, NeuroNet Pro  also hosts an annual networking conference. This conference is a symposium for neurology professionals  and companies offering innovative diagnostic, therapeutic, or operational solutions to foster connection  and collaboration in the industry.  

About WeInfuse  

WeInfuse is the premier technology and consulting provider for infusion therapy and medication delivery 

in the U.S. The WeInfuse software platform powers over 700 infusion centers across the country. Backed  by decades of experience, WeInfuse consulting services guide clients through the dynamic  infusion landscape.  

WeInfuse has expanded its software platform to include a complete home infusion and specialty  pharmacy workflow. The software helps organizations operate efficiently, maximize profitability,  decrease burnout, and improve clinical outcomes. Its powerful, intuitive features for infusion workflows  and a robust reporting and analytics engine help take the confusion out of infusion.  

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