By SamaCare | August 8, 2023 | Press, WeInfuse News – Novella Infusion Chooses SamaCare to Streamline Prior Authorizations Across Northeast Infusion Center Locations

Novella Infusion Chooses SamaCare to Streamline Prior Authorizations Through the WeInfuse Software Across Northeast Infusion Center Locations.

August 8, 2023:  SamaCare, a prior authorization platform for physician-administered medications, today announced a large deployment of SamaCare in the infusion therapy space through a partnership with Novella Infusion, an outpatient infusion therapy provider, and WeInfuse, the premier software and technology platform for infusion therapy and medication delivery in the US.

This partnership will enable Novella Infusion to access SamaCare’s prior authorization workflow automation solution across their 24 Northeast infusion center locations via their EMR provider, WeInfuse. By unifying all prior authorizations through a single interface with built-in analytics and optimization tools, Novella Infusion will be able to further their mission of providing high-quality infusion services while lowering the total cost of care.

“We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with SamaCare and WeInfuse.  This platform will help support our patients and referring providers by driving greater efficiency and speed in our intake process. Providing patients with a comfortable, convenient, high-quality infusion experience is our mission and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to accelerate our growth through this and other strategic partnerships, ” said Joe Brunink, CEO of Novella Infusion.

Over 8,000 providers and some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world utilize SamaCare’s platform to unify submission, tracking, and management of prior authorizations across all payers and plans for buy-and-bill medications. On average, providers leveraging the SamaCare platform report 67% faster prior authorization resolution times and 6-10X reduction in staff time spent per prior authorization.

“We’re excited to partner with Novella Infusion and WeInfuse to expand access to SamaCare in the infusion therapy space,” said Syam Palakurthy, CEO and cofounder of SamaCare. “Infusion centers must navigate increasingly complex processes to deliver effective and efficient care. SamaCare helps alleviate the resource drain created by fragmented prior authorizations, so that infusion centers can focus on what they do best – delivering quality and timely care.” 

Through integrations with top specialty EMRs, like WeInfuse, SamaCare is able to provide a solution for prior authorization management that fits within existing practice and infusion center workflows. 

“We partnered with SamaCare earlier this year to bring our clients an integrated solution that digitizes and automates the current manual paper-fax and portal-heavy prior authorization process. We’re excited that Novella Infusion is one of our first clients to take advantage of this partnership. At WeInfuse, we’re focused on bringing innovative and simplified software features, workflows, and solutions to infusion providers,” said WeInfuse COO and cofounder Reece Norris.

Novella Infusion represents the network of fully owned and operated infusion centers under the OI-Infusion umbrella. OI Infusion also partners with physicians and healthcare groups to provide in-office infusion center management services. Following the deployment of SamaCare across the Novella Infusion network, OI Infusion will look to incorporate SamaCare to bolster the efficiency of their infusion center management services. 

About Novella Infusion

Novella Infusion is headquartered in New Hampshire and is a leading provider of outpatient infusion therapy in New England, with locations in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Novella Infusion is on a mission to increase access to high-quality, convenient infusion services that lowers cost of care and improves patient experience and outcomes. Additional information about Novella Infusion is available at

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