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Published in Specialty Pharmacy Continuum | October 11, 2019 | Written by David Wild
Las Vegas—Demand for infusion clinics outside of the pricey hospital setting is climbing, with possible approval of dozens of noncancer IV drugs over the coming years and payors struggling to contain costs for these drugs. Although the situation presents an opportunity for entrepreneurial pharmacists, starting a clinic in the wrong way can be disastrous.
“You can build the most beautiful infusion center but if there’s no marketing strategy, for example, patients may not show up,” said Bryan Johnson, a co-founder and the CEO of WeInfuse, an infusion center

Published in D CEO Healthcare | December 13, 2019 | Written by Will Maddox

With increasing medical costs nationwide, businesses are looking to squeeze efficiency out of every aspect of their industry, and infusion centers are a market where the fragmented market has caused inefficiencies. Infusion centers are a $30 billion dollar industry that serve a patient population of 50 million people, many of whom have an autoimmune disease.

Part of the inefficiency comes from infusion centers not being utilized as affectively as they could. Coordinating scheduling, keeping track of medication, and running the back office of an infusion center can be

Published on PR Web | September 6, 2019 | Written by Sydney McPherson

AUSTIN/DALLAS- WeInfuse, the leading end-to-end infusion center software provider, has teamed up with Precision Healthcare. Precision will use WeInfuse as its primary infusion center workflow and documentation platform to enable greater operational efficiency and financial accuracy in its existing and expanding footprint across Tennessee and Arkansas.

Currently, Precision provides over 2,000 infusion treatments per month to patients in their nine ambulatory infusion centers across two states. Through their new partnership with WeInfuse, Precision expects to see that number increase in the coming months. 

“WeInfuse has been tremendously helpful with providing

Published on PR Web | August 8, 2019 | Written by Sydney McPherson

AUSTIN / DALLAS – Texas-based software start-up WeInfuse is taking the infusion industry by storm and has reached far beyond their Austin and Dallas roots. One of the most recent clients WeInfuse added to their circle is Infusion Center of Pennsylvania (ICPA).

ICPA is an independent, multi-specialty infusion center that provides several hundred infusions a month to patients at their two locations in southeastern Pennsylvania. Providing high quality of care alongside managing the complex workflow of an infusion center led ICPA’s COO, Phil Weber, to implement the WeInfuse software

Published in Becker's Hospital Review | August 18, 2017 | Written by Bryan Johnson and Judy Back, RN 

If you’re a neurologist, you can’t ignore the question: should I open an Infusion Center? And, if you have an Infusion Center, you’re asking yourself: Am I running my Infusion Center optimally and according to best practices?

With Tysabri already on the shelf, the launch of Lemtrada in late 2014, the recent launch of Ocrevus and the robust pipeline of specialty neuro infusion medications such as Radicava for ALS and the various Alzheimer’s medications, you can’t ignore how infusion is shaping the neuro space. Indeed, these specialty