Published in Becker’s Hospital Review | August 18, 2017 | Written by Bryan Johnson and Judy Back, RN 

If you’re a neurologist, you can’t ignore the question: should I open an Infusion Center? And, if you have an Infusion Center, you’re asking yourself: Am I running my Infusion Center optimally and according to best practices?

With Tysabri already on the shelf, the launch of Lemtrada in late 2014, the recent launch of Ocrevus and the robust pipeline of specialty neuro infusion medications such as Radicava for ALS and the various Alzheimer’s medications, you can’t ignore how infusion is shaping the neuro space. Indeed, these specialty infusion drugs are extremely expensive. So, deciding to open an Infusion Center is not the same as deciding to offer BOTOX, in-house lab services, or any other ancillary services.

Infusion requires careful consideration and commitment. This article is intended to give an overview of the requirements, costs, and commitments a neurology practice must be willing to make in order to be successful in opening and running an Infusion Center.

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