Its the most wonderful time of the year!   …unless you are in charge of ordering infusion medication and medical supplies for your patients. 🙂

This is a courtesy reminder to all of our blog readers that normal expectations for medication and medical supply deliveries should be moderated to include delays caused by increased holiday shipping. For those offices who like to run their “just-in-time” inventory at one-day to same-day availability, we would advise them to consider increasing their days on hand of inventory an extra day or two in consideration of these expected delays.

Black Friday, Amazon, the start of winter weather up north, and all other manner of holiday madness will create increased pressure on both UPS and FedEx services. These increases in volume mean that temporary help will be brought in to compensate. The combination of higher service volume and an increase in temporary staff means you can count on a higher volume of shipping errors and delays during the holiday season. 

Hopefully, all our readers will come through unscathed by this holiday craziness, but just in case, please consider increasing your ordering dates and shipping times to account for up to a 2-day delay on both your Buy & Bill and Specialty Pharmacy / Free Drug deliveries.

Curious about the holiday shipping schedule?

Look no further. We have all the links you need to stay up to date on both UPS and FedEx shipping dates for medications and all your holiday gift giving.

UPS Holiday Shipping Page
UPS 2017 Holiday Shipping Calendar

FedEx Holiday Shipping Page
FedEx 2017 Holiday Shipping Calendar

From our WeInfuse family to yours, we wish all our clients, readers, and their patients a happy and safe holiday season.