Published on PR Web | August 8, 2019 | Written by Sydney McPherson

AUSTIN / DALLAS – Texas-based software start-up WeInfuse is taking the infusion industry by storm and has reached far beyond their Austin and Dallas roots. One of the most recent clients WeInfuse added to their circle is Infusion Center of Pennsylvania (ICPA).

ICPA is an independent, multi-specialty infusion center that provides several hundred infusions a month to patients at their two locations in southeastern Pennsylvania. Providing high quality of care alongside managing the complex workflow of an infusion center led ICPA’s COO, Phil Weber, to implement the WeInfuse software at their two locations. 

“We provide superior service to our patients, and expect the same from our vendors,” said Weber. “We think every infusion center in the country should be using WeInfuse.”

WeInfuse provides infusion center software that streamlines the workflow, manages medication inventory, reduces financial risk and clinical attrition, and ultimately improves patient care.

“We’re really excited to be working with Phil and his team at ICPA,” said Bryan Johnson, CEO of WeInfuse. “They provide a great service to infusion patients in Pennsylvania and we’re looking forward to helping them grow their infusion centers.”    

ICPA went “live” using the WeInfuse software on July 17, 2019. 

Since their beta client launch in 2016, WeInfuse software has been adopted by over 100 infusion centers across the country from Alaska to Maine and their clients have administered over 65,000 infusion treatments utilizing the software. 

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